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Welcome to a thrilling journey through Europe’s most vibrant nightlife scenes! Are you ready to experience the continent’s legendary parties, make lifelong friends, and immerse yourself in cultures pulsating with energy? Look no further, as we unveil the Top 10 Party Hostels in Europe. Each hostel in our list isn’t just a place to sleep; it’s a hub of excitement and social connection, offering unique experiences in some of Europe’s most iconic destinations. From beachside dances under the stars to hidden gems in bustling city centres, get ready to explore the places where memories are made and the party never stops!

TOP 10 party hostels in Europe

1. The Hive Party Hostel Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)

The Hive Party Hostel Budapest is the ultimate hotspot for party enthusiasts. Nestled in the heart of the city, it’s a stone’s throw away from top bars and clubs. The hostel is alive with a vibrant party atmosphere, featuring its own courtyard nightclub and a private rooftop bar. The staff are always ready to amp up the fun, organising exciting events like pub crawls and party boat cruises.

Ideal for those who thrive in the nightlife, The Hive offers a perfect mix of social spaces to connect with fellow party-goers. Whether you’re in the mood for an energetic dance night or a relaxed evening on the rooftop, this hostel caters to every party style. Join the unforgettable party experience at The Hive Party Hostel Budapest, the city’s premier destination for non-stop fun and excitement.

2. Kabul Party Hostel (Barcelona, Spain)

Kabul Party Hostel, nestled in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, is the ultimate hub for party enthusiasts. Right in the heart of the city’s vibrant nightlife, it’s steps away from bustling restaurants and bars. The hostel is famous for its lively atmosphere, offering guests thrilling pub crawls and rooftop BBQs. Additionally, it organises excursions to local clubs for live flamenco and jazz nights, ensuring a rich and diverse party experience every night.

The hostel’s rooftop terrace offers stunning views of Plaza Real, providing an ideal backdrop for social gatherings and nighttime relaxation. Kabul Party Hostel is more than just a place to stay; it’s a gateway to Barcelona’s electrifying nightlife, making it a top choice for travellers looking to immerse themselves in the city’s party scene.

3. Cats Hostel Madrid Sol (Madrid, Spain)

Cats Hostel Madrid Sol is the epicentre of Madrid’s party scene, offering an electrifying atmosphere for those seeking a wild night out. The hostel’s lively bar sets the tone for an unforgettable evening, serving as the perfect starting point for exploring the city’s vibrant nightlife. Thematic parties, karaoke nights, dance lessons, and stand-up comedy shows are regular features, ensuring every night is a unique celebration.

Join the hostel’s famed pub crawl to dive into Madrid’s best bars, where you can mingle with fellow travellers and locals alike. The hostel’s dynamic social scene is complemented by a stunning Andalucían riad-style courtyard, offering a picturesque backdrop for your adventures. Located near major hotspots like La Latina and Puerta del Sol, Cats Hostel Madrid Sol is your gateway to Madrid’s exhilarating party life.

4. Yes! Lisbon Hostel (Lisbon, Portugal)

Yes! Lisbon Hostel is a party enthusiast’s dream in the heart of Lisbon, celebrated for its electric, fun-filled atmosphere. The hostel is a hub of nightly festivities in its vibrant lounge and bar area, where guests can indulge in free shots and mingle in a lively setting. It’s not just a place to stay, but a vibrant party scene where every night is an adventure.

The hostel elevates the party experience with its regular pub crawls and free walking tours, designed to bring travellers together for unforgettable nights out in Lisbon. Its prime location ensures easy access to the city’s top party spots, making it a perfect base for those eager to explore Lisbon’s dynamic nightlife and cultural vibrancy.

5. Flying Pig Downtown (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Flying Pig Downtown in Amsterdam is a haven for party lovers. Right in the city centre, just a short walk from Dam Square, it’s the perfect launchpad for those keen to experience the city’s famous nightlife. The hostel’s highlight is its lively bar, which hosts regular DJ nights and offers some of the cheapest beers in town, making it a great spot to socialise and kick off an evening of fun.

Beyond the bar, there’s an indoor smoking area with a laid-back vibe, complete with pillows and chill-out spaces to unwind after a night out. Pool tables add to the entertainment, giving guests a chance to engage in some friendly competition. At Flying Pig Downtown, every night is an opportunity for an unforgettable party experience in the heart of Amsterdam.

6. St Christopher’s Hostel (Barcelona, Spain)

St Christopher’s Hostel in Barcelona is the ultimate destination for party enthusiasts. Part of the renowned St Christopher’s European party hostel chain, it stands out with its vibrant atmosphere and affordable pricing. Situated right in the heart of the city, near Plaza Catalunya, the hostel is a perfect gateway to Barcelona’s exhilarating nightlife.

The real gem of St Christopher’s Hostel is Belushi’s backpacker bar. It’s not just a bar, but a hub of fun activities and parties, offering amazing deals on food and drinks during its daily happy hour from 5pm to 11pm. This bustling spot is famous for hosting an array of lively events, including cocktail masterclasses, engaging paella cooking sessions, and delightful wine tastings, all organised by a dedicated in-house entertainment team. Here, every night is an opportunity to party, meet new people, and immerse in the lively spirit of Barcelona.

7. YellowSquare Rome (Rome, Italy)

YellowSquare Rome stands out as the ultimate party haven for youthful travellers seeking a vibrant and social experience in Rome. This hostel is famed for its electric party vibe and superb social areas. It features a bustling bar with budget-friendly drinks, ideal for socialising and connecting with fellow guests. The hostel buzzes with entertainment, hosting live music, themed parties, and engaging activities like cooking classes and local shopping tours.

The staff at YellowSquare Rome are not only amiable but also experts in Rome’s nightlife, offering valuable insights for those eager to discover the city’s top party scenes. The hostel’s concierge bar is another hot spot for guests to interact and unwind in a lively, yet relaxed atmosphere.

8. St Christopher’s at The Winston (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

St Christopher’s at The Winston stands as a prime party hostel in Amsterdam’s vibrant centre, a stone’s throw from the city’s bustling nightlife. Perfectly located near Central Station and Dam Square, it’s surrounded by popular bars and clubs, making it the ultimate haven for party enthusiasts.

The hostel buzzes with its famous Belushi’s bar, where guests revel in a lively atmosphere with cool music, pool games, and exclusive drink deals, including 2-for-1 cocktails and shots. This hotspot is ideal for kicking off an unforgettable night or winding down after an exhilarating evening out in Amsterdam.

9. PILOT Design Hostel & Bar (Porto, Portugal)

PILOT Design Hostel & Bar is the ultimate party destination in the heart of Porto. With its central location, it’s a hub for fun-seekers, offering easy access to the city’s vibrant nightlife. The hostel is renowned for its dynamic atmosphere, highlighted by a 24-hour bar and lounge where guests can socialise, play video games, and enjoy films.

Emphasising the party spirit, PILOT hosts guided night tours to Porto’s hottest spots, ensuring an unforgettable nightlife experience. The outdoor terrace, featuring a foosball table and a picturesque waterfall, serves as a perfect backdrop for both day and night gatherings. Whether you’re looking to meet new people or party the night away, PILOT Design Hostel & Bar is your go-to spot in Porto.

10. The Madhouse Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)

The Madhouse Prague stands out as a vibrant party hostel in the heart of Prague’s Old Town, tailor-made for social backpackers eager to dive into the city’s lively scene. Known for its inclusive and spirited vibe, the hostel organises daily activities, including excursions to beer gardens, ice hockey games, and unforgettable nights out, making it a hotspot for those looking to experience Prague’s dynamic nightlife.

More than just accommodation, The Madhouse Prague creates a sense of community, offering group dinners every night for guests to connect and share stories. Its prime location ensures easy access to public transport, numerous nightlife hotspots, and late-night eateries, making it an ideal base for travellers seeking a mix of partying, exploration, and camaraderie.

Other Great Party Hostels in Europe

St Christopher’s Berlin Mitte (Berlin, Germany)

Dive into Berlin’s vibrant heart at St Christopher’s Berlin Mitte, a party hostel offering modern comforts, rooftop terrace views, and a social atmosphere. Enjoy bar crawls, Belushi’s bar specials, and both lively and chill vibes.

St Christopher’s Inn Gare du Nord (Paris, France)

Experience Paris’ ultimate party scene at St Christopher’s Inn Gare du Nord. Home to the famous Belushi’s bar, enjoy exclusive food and drink discounts, lively social events, and comfortable accommodation just steps from Gare du Nord.

Ostello Bello Grande (Milan, Italy)

Ostello Bello Grande in Milan blends relaxation and fun, featuring 3 terraces, a games room, and 24/7 bar. Enjoy free breakfast and dinner, social events, and a welcoming atmosphere perfect for meeting fellow travellers.

Wombat’s City Hostel Vienna Naschmarkt (Vienna, Austria)

Nestled in Vienna’s lively district, Wombat’s City Hostel is a haven for party enthusiasts. Boasting a buzzing bar, modern amenities, and 24/7 access, it’s ideal for enjoying the vibrant nightlife and exploring the famous Naschmarkt area.

Fiesta Siesta Social Hostel (Split, Croatia)

Fiesta Siesta, situated above the lively Charlie’s backpackers bar, stands as Split’s ultimate party destination. With daily social activities, from pub crawls to beach volleyball, it offers a vibrant atmosphere perfect for social butterflies looking to mingle and make lasting memories.

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Located in the heart of Copenhagen’s historic old town, Copenhagen Downtown Hostel is a magnet for party-goers. Featuring a Scandinavian retro design, a bar open until 5 am, and a variety of nightly events, it provides an ideal backdrop for socialising, dancing, and immersing in Copenhagen’s exciting nightlife.

Wombat’s City Hostel London (London, England)

Blending history and party vibes, Wombat’s City Hostel in London offers an energetic atmosphere in a historic 1800s building. Featuring the lively womBAR, delicious food at Wombat’s Cafe, and located near iconic landmarks and trendy neighbourhoods, it’s perfect for social travellers seeking both culture and nightlife.

Czech Inn (Prague, Czech Republic)

Situated in Prague’s trendy Vinohrady, Czech Inn combines Art Nouveau charm with contemporary style. Known for its lively bar, welcoming staff, and boutique flair, it’s a popular choice for backpackers looking to experience the city’s vibrant culture and nightlife.

Far Out Beach Club Hostel (Ios Island, Greece)

A top choice for backpackers on Ios Island, Far Out Beach Club Hostel offers a beachfront party haven. With a pool bar, variety of accommodations, and activities like pool competitions and sports, it’s ideal for both relaxing and partying by the Aegean sunset.

Athens Hawks Hostel (Athens, Greece)

Athens Hawks Hostel is a party hotspot in Athens, boasting a lively bar, diverse global drinks, and engaging activities like pub crawls and beer pong. Its vibrant atmosphere and friendly staff make it perfect for socialising and unforgettable nightlife experiences.

Rising Cock Party Hostel (Lagos, Portugal)

Established in 2004, Rising Cock Party Hostel in Lagos is a magnet for party lovers, offering an intimate beach house vibe. Located in the historic district, steps away from beaches and bars, it’s known for its social atmosphere, outdoor terrace, comfortable lounges, and Momma’s legendary hangover-curing crepes and lemon tea.

City Backpackers Hostel (Stockholm, Sweden)

As the best hostel in Sweden since 2010, City Backpackers Hostel in Stockholm is a haven for party enthusiasts. Offering free pasta, ice skate rental, and an evening sauna, it’s famous for its social events like Swedish meatball dinners and Viking Sauna tours, a cinema room, and various communal spaces including ‘Nomad’ bar and restaurant.

Jacobs Inn (Dublin, Ireland)

Jacobs Inn in Dublin is a vibrant party hostel perfect for all traveller types. Offering ensuite rooms with pod beds, it’s centrally located for city exploration. The hostel features a bar, restaurant, bottomless porridge breakfast with premium toppings, and a range of tours and activities, ensuring a balanced experience of privacy and social interaction.

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