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Jakarta, the vibrant capital of Indonesia, is a city that never sleeps. It’s a sprawling metropolis that seamlessly blends rich culture, urban life, and a thriving nightlife scene. With its diverse neighbourhoods, eclectic street food, and a lively atmosphere, Jakarta beckons travellers seeking exciting experiences around every corner. For those looking to immerse themselves in the city’s dynamic nightlife, Jakarta offers a range of party hostels that cater to the needs of young, energetic travellers who want to dance, socialise, and explore the city’s party scene.

How can I find a party hostel in Jakarta?

If you’re eager to discover a party hostel in Jakarta that perfectly suits your preferences, our reviews have got you covered. We’ve meticulously selected top-rated hostels and presented their key amenities and party-related features to simplify your decision-making process. If you’re still seeking more options or want to explore hostels known for their vibrant atmosphere and exciting events, don’t hesitate to turn to popular online search engines. These platforms often showcase hostels renowned for their engaging social scenes. Additionally, reading reviews from past travellers can provide invaluable insights into the hostel’s party scene, including details on thrilling activities and special events hosted by each hostel. Happy party hunting in Jakarta!

What are the best party hostels in Jakarta?

When it comes to the best party hostels in Jakarta, Capsule Hotel Jakarta – Old Batavia steals the spotlight as the ultimate party hotspot. With its on-site club and bar, it offers non-stop entertainment and an excellent location in the heart of the city’s Chinatown. Following closely are Wonderloft Hostel and The Packer Lodge, both offering fantastic party atmospheres and unique features. Wonderloft’s central location, proximity to top attractions, and in-house activities make it a top choice, while The Packer Lodge’s Wednesday morning Food Tour program adds a special twist to the party experience, appealing to those seeking authentic Jakartan street food. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away, explore local flavours, or make new friends, these hostels cater to the diverse tastes of Jakarta’s party-loving travellers.

What are party hostels like in Jakarta?

Party hostels in Jakarta are all about creating a lively and social atmosphere for travellers. These hostels typically offer a range of amenities to enhance the party experience, including on-site bars and clubs, communal spaces for socialising, and organised activities like pub crawls and city tours. Guests can expect comfortable and clean accommodations, often with options for both private rooms and dorms. The focus is on meeting fellow travellers, exploring the city’s nightlife, and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of Jakarta. With their central locations, these hostels ensure that the best of Jakarta’s party scene is just steps away, making them ideal choices for young and adventurous travellers looking to make the most of their Jakarta experience.

Best Party Hostels in Jakarta

Capsule Hotel Jakarta – Old Batavia

πŸ† Best Overall Party Hostel in Jakarta
⭐ Rating: 9.0 over more than 1,500 reviews
πŸ’² Prices: from €7

Located strategically in the heart of Jakarta, Capsule Hotel Jakarta – Old Batavia is the ultimate destination for party enthusiasts. This hostel puts you right in the middle of the action, just minutes away from a vibrant array of cafes, bars, coffee shops, and an Olympic-size swimming pool. But that’s just the beginning.

What sets this hostel apart is the nightclub and bar located right on-site, ensuring that the party never stops. You can dance the night away without ever leaving the comfort of your hostel. And when you’re ready to explore Jakarta’s nightlife, you’re just steps away from high-rise rooftop bars, nightclubs, and commuter stations that can take you to exciting destinations like Bandung or Yogyakarta.

Capsule Hotel Jakarta also understands the importance of staying connected, offering free Wi-Fi on every floor. Their English-speaking team is available online to assist you with anything you need, whether it’s planning your next adventure or booking tickets. Plus, they provide valuable city tour information and even offer volcano and island tours to satisfy your sense of adventure.

In summary, Capsule Hotel Jakarta – Old Batavia is the perfect party hub for travellers looking to experience the electrifying nightlife of Jakarta.

Feedback From Hostelworld Reviews

Guests at Capsule Hotel Jakarta – Old Batavia love this party hostel for its lively atmosphere and friendly staff. They appreciate the spacious rooms with comfortable beds and a downstairs area perfect for chilling and enjoying some drinks. The hostel’s sociable environment is enhanced by the on-site bar, making it easy to meet fellow travellers and have a great time. Freddy, the owner, receives high praise for his friendliness and willingness to assist with travel plans. The capsules offer a balance between socialising and privacy. The hostel’s central location near Gambir Station and local transport options is another plus. Guests appreciate the sense of community, communication via WhatsApp/email, and the opportunity to make new friends over a beer. While the bathrooms could use some improvement, overall, this hostel is a top choice for those looking to party and socialise in Jakarta.

Why We love this hostel!

  • On-site nightclub and bar for non-stop partying
  • Convenient location near cafes and bars
  • Free Wi-Fi and English-speaking team for easy planning
  • City tour and volcano/island tour options available

Wonderloft Hostel

πŸ“ Best Located Party Hostel in Jakarta
⭐ Rating: 8.6 over more than 700 reviews
πŸ’² Prices: from €7

If you’re seeking a party hostel right in the heart of vibrant Jakarta, look no further than Wonderloft Hostel. This hostel is the ultimate hub for travellers who crave excitement, adventure, and a bustling atmosphere. Situated in the heart of colonial Jakarta, it offers the perfect base to dive into the city’s lively scene.

Wonderloft’s prime location puts Jakarta’s top attractions within easy reach. The town square, restaurant row, iconic Cafe Batavia, and multiple museums are all just a stone’s throw away. You can even catch a ferry to the Thousand Islands from nearby Jakarta Kota Station.

Wonderloft knows how to throw a party, with an energetic common room where you can chat, have fun, watch TV, play pool, cards, foosball, darts, or jam on the guitar. And when you need a break from the festivities, the second floor offers a quiet room for reading, browsing, or morning yoga.

This hostel lives up to its reputation as a party paradise by organising in-house activities like pool competitions, poker nights, twister battles, city tours, karaoke, and more – all free to join!

Feedback From Hostelworld Reviews

Guests absolutely rave about Wonderloft Hostel for its unbeatable party atmosphere and convenient location. They love how this hostel provides the perfect setting to meet fellow travellers and make new friends. The staff’s friendliness and willingness to assist in various ways are highly appreciated, creating a welcoming and social environment. Wonderloft’s cleanliness and comfort factor also receive glowing reviews. The central location near Fatahillah Square and other attractions makes it easy to explore the city’s party scene. From capsule beds and social spaces to pool tables and a rooftop, Wonderloft delivers all the essential elements for an unforgettable party hostel experience. Guests are so impressed that many extend their stay to soak up the good vibes and lively atmosphere that this hostel has to offer. Whether it’s exploring Jakarta or enjoying the hostel’s amenities, Wonderloft is a partygoer’s dream come true.

Why We love this hostel!

  • Central location for easy access to Jakarta’s attractions
  • Vibrant common room for socialising and entertainment
  • Exciting in-house activities, including poker nights and city tours

The Packer Lodge

🀝 Party Hostel with Best Common Areas
⭐ Rating: 8.6 over more than 1,000 reviews
πŸ’² Prices: from €7

When it comes to partying in the heart of Chinatown Jakarta, The Packer Lodge is the place to be! Situated in one of the city’s best-located spots, it’s a haven for travellers looking to dive headfirst into the local street food scene, explore vibrant neighbourhoods, and discover rooftop hangouts.

But what sets The Packer Lodge apart is its Wednesday morning Food Tour program, a culinary adventure through the small alleys and wet markets of the neighbourhood, offering a taste of authentic Jakartan foods and snacks. It’s an experience that will leave you craving more!

The unique location of this hostel ensures that everything you need for an epic party is within a 10-minute walk – from bus stops and malls to cafes, and supermarkets. Plus, they’ve got you covered with cold beer, a gym to get pumped up, a communal garden to chill, a big TV for entertainment, a smoking area for the night owls, and a well-equipped kitchen to whip up some pre-party snacks.

And the latest addition of a vegetarian food cart means you can fuel up before hitting the town. The Packer Lodge is your gateway to an unforgettable party experience in Jakarta!

Feedback From Hostelworld Reviews

Guests at The Packer Lodge absolutely adore this party hotspot for several reasons. They rave about the friendly and accommodating staff who are always ready to assist with a smile. The private rooms, often likened to hotel quality, offer comfort and cleanliness, making guests feel like they’ve hit the jackpot for an affordable price. The strategic location near Chinatown and bus stations ensures you’re never far from the action in Jakarta. The provision of free coffee, tea, and a water station adds to the convenience. While some found the dorms a bit small, the overall social atmosphere and helpful 24-hour reception make it a favourite among travellers looking to make new friends and enjoy Jakarta’s vibrant scene. It’s a place where the party spirit never fades, and guests keep coming back for more.

Why We love this hostel!

  • Ideal location in Chinatown for street food and rooftop hangouts
  • Wednesday morning Food Tour for a taste of Jakartan delights
  • Cold beer, gym, communal garden, big TV, and a vegetarian food cart
  • All essentials within a 10-minute walk


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