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Lagos, located in the stunning Algarve region of Portugal, is a vibrant coastal town known for its beautiful beaches, lively nightlife, and adventurous activities. It’s a paradise for party-seeking travellers who want to combine sun-soaked days with unforgettable nights. With a rich history, charming old town, and an abundance of water sports and outdoor excursions, Lagos offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away, soak up the sun on picturesque beaches, or explore hidden caves and cliffs, Lagos has it all.

How can I find a party hostel in Lagos?

If you’re eager to find a party hostel in Lagos, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive reviews have hand-picked the top-rated hostels in the city, highlighting their amenities and features, making it effortless for you to make a choice that suits your preferences. If you’re still seeking more options, a quick search on popular online platforms will unveil hostels renowned for their lively atmosphere and vibrant events. To get a better understanding of the social scene, don’t forget to delve into the reviews left by previous travellers. These reviews offer valuable insights into the hostel’s party culture, including details about thrilling activities and special events that take place. With our guidance and the experiences shared by others, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect party hostel to make your stay in Lagos unforgettable.

What are the best party hostels in Lagos?

The best party hostels in Lagos include Rising Cock Party Hostel, known for its lively atmosphere and energetic staff. The Island Party Hostel offers a central location, rooftop terrace, and a vibrant nightlife scene. Cloud 9 Hostel, situated in the historic centre, provides a sociable atmosphere and stunning city views. Whether you choose Rising Cock, The Island, or Cloud 9, these hostels guarantee an unforgettable party experience in Lagos, with non-stop fun, friendly staff, and exciting activities.

What are party hostels like in Lagos?

Party hostels in Lagos are renowned for their lively and sociable atmosphere. They offer a range of activities and events to ensure guests have a memorable time. From bar crawls and rooftop parties to beachside BBQs and group excursions, there’s never a dull moment. These hostels provide opportunities for guests to meet fellow travellers and make new friends from around the world. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and always ready to recommend the best nightlife spots and daytime adventures. Whether you’re looking to dance until dawn, relax on the beach with a cocktail, or embark on thrilling water sports, party hostels in Lagos provide the perfect base for an unforgettable party experience.

Best Party Hostels in Lagos

Rising Cock Party Hostel

🏆 Best Overall Party Hostel in Lagos
⭐ Rating: 9.6 over more than 2,400 reviews
💲 Prices: from €30

Rising Cock Party Hostel has been igniting the party scene in Lagos since 2004, making it a go-to destination for global travellers, international students, and party enthusiasts. From the moment you step foot into this lively establishment, you’ll feel like you’re staying at your best friend’s beach house. The intimate atmosphere and spacious layout create a welcoming environment that encourages socialising and fun.

One of the standout features of Rising Cock is its prime location in the historical district of Lagos. You’ll be just steps away from the best restaurants, bars, and a short walk from picturesque beaches. Whether you’re sunbathing on the golden shores or recovering from the epic FREE Pub Crawl organised by the hostel, there’s never a dull moment.

The hostel itself offers plenty of spaces to relax and connect with fellow travellers. You can unwind on the outdoor terrace, sink into the massive comfy couches in the new lounge area, or catch up on your social media using the free Wi-Fi access. And when it comes to starting your day after a night of partying, Momma’s legendary crepes and magical lemon tea await you, renowned for their hangover-curing powers.

At Rising Cock, it’s not just about booking a bed; it’s about immersing yourself in the original Lagos party experience. From the vibrant atmosphere to the central location and top-notch facilities, this hostel knows how to deliver unforgettable nights and endless fun.

Feedback From Hostelworld Reviews

Guests love Rising Cock Party Hostel for its solid party atmosphere and the ease of meeting other travellers, making it an ideal choice for solo adventurers. The staff’s amazing hospitality and Mama’s famous crepes for breakfast add to the enjoyable experience. The hostel’s central location, along with fun events like pub crawls, ensures a great time. Despite basic rooms and limited privacy, the overall atmosphere, friendly staff, and opportunities to socialise make Rising Cock Party Hostel a top recommendation for a vibrant stay in Lagos.

Why We love this hostel! 

  • Prime location in Lagos’ historical district
  • Exclusive FREE Pub Crawl organised by the hostel, a great way to explore the city and meet fellow travellers
  • Outdoor terrace for relaxation
  • Comfy lounge area with ample seating
  • Momma’s legendary crepes and hangover-curing lemon tea

The Island Party Hostel

🤝 Best Party Hostel with Social Activities
⭐ Rating: 8.2 over more than 100 reviews
💲 Prices: from €25

Welcome to The Island Party Hostel, the ultimate destination for party seekers in Lagos, Portugal. Situated in the heart of the lively old town, this hostel offers the most centrally located accommodation, making it the perfect base to immerse yourself in the vibrant party scene of Algarve.

The Island Hostel knows how to throw a party like no other. From the moment you step through the doors, you’ll be surrounded by a lively atmosphere and an energetic crowd ready to have a great time. With its prime location, you’ll have easy access to all parts of Lagos, the spectacular beaches, the lively marina, and the buzzing bars and restaurants of the town.

When you’re not exploring the vibrant city, the hostel provides the ideal spaces to keep the party going. The chillout lounge is the perfect spot to socialise and meet like-minded travellers, while the rooftop terrace offers panoramic views and a fantastic ambiance for enjoying drinks and mingling with new friends.

In addition to the exciting nightlife, The Island Hostel offers a range of thrilling activities and excursions. You can take surfing lessons, join surf trips to the best surf spots, embark on kayak excursions to stunning beaches and caves, or go on boat tours to discover the famous Benagil caves. The knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you in booking these exhilarating adventures.

Get ready for an unforgettable party experience at The Island Party Hostel, where the perfect combination of a central location, lively atmosphere, and thrilling activities guarantees an epic stay.

Feedback From Hostelworld Reviews

Guests love The Island Party Hostel for its exceptional hospitality, social atmosphere, and convenient central location in Lagos. The friendly staff create a welcoming and inclusive vibe, making guests feel welcome. The hostel’s beautiful rooftop terrace offers stunning views, while the various chill areas provide spaces to relax and unwind. With everything within walking distance, guests appreciate the hostel’s prime location in the heart of the city. While some mention potential noise from the bar downstairs over the weekends, overall, the positive vibes and friendly atmosphere make for an amazing experience. The only improvement mentioned is the need for secure lockers for valuables.

Why We love this hostel! 

  • Centrally located in the heart of Lagos’ party scene
  • Easy walking access to all parts of Lagos and its vibrant nightlife
  • Chillout lounge for socialising and meeting fellow travellers
  • Rooftop terrace with panoramic views, perfect for drinks and mingling
  • Exciting activities and excursions, including surfing, kayaking, and boat tours, great for making new friends

Cloud 9 Hostel

📍 Best Located Party Hostel in Lagos
⭐ Rating: 9.7 over more than 1,200 reviews
💲 Prices: from €25

Cloud 9 Hostel is the ultimate party paradise nestled in the heart of Lagos’ historic centre. This vibrant hostel offers the perfect base to soak up the sun on nearby beaches during the day and dive into the electrifying nightlife just steps away.

Location is key at Cloud 9 Hostel, with all the party hotspots and top-rated bars within easy reach. The knowledgeable staff are your party guides, providing insider tips on the best clubs, pub crawls, and live music venues that Lagos has to offer. Get ready to dance the night away and create unforgettable memories with like-minded travellers from around the world.

The hostel’s top-floor terrace is a prime party spot, offering panoramic views of the city and the sparkling sea. It’s the perfect setting to gather with fellow revellers, sip on refreshing drinks, and kickstart the party vibes before hitting the town.

Cloud 9 Hostel boasts a buzzing common area where the party continues. Enjoy cable TV, games, and movies while connecting with fellow guests. The adjacent terrace provides a relaxed setting to unwind, socialise, and share tales of your epic party experiences.

Feedback From Hostelworld Reviews

Guests love the lively rooftop terrace at this hostel, which offers a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends. The hostel’s location is also praised as being close to everything you need and very clean and well-organised. The staff are friendly and helpful, with one guest describing them as the real prize of the hostel. Although the hostel is not very social in terms of organised activities, it is still highly recommended for its great atmosphere, impeccable cleanliness, comfortable beds, and good value for money. Some guests note that there are not many bathrooms and that only a small amount of valuables can be locked, but overall, guests seem to thoroughly enjoy their stay at this gem of a hostel.

Why We love this hostel! 

  • Perfectly located in the heart of Lagos’ historic centre
  • Proximity to top-rated bars and vibrant nightlife
  • Top-floor terrace with stunning panoramic views, perfect for soaking up the vibrant atmosphere and getting the pre-party excitement flowing
  • Lively common area for socialising and entertainment
  • 24-hour reception for seamless party planning

Sol A Sol Hostel

🤝 Party Hostel with Best Common Areas
⭐ Rating: 9.4 over more than 900 reviews
💲 Prices: from €24

Sol A Sol Hostel offers a vibrant and exciting experience for backpackers looking for a mix of fun and relaxation in Lagos. With a wide range of activities, from guided tours to thrilling outdoor adventures, this hostel ensures that guests have the ultimate Lagos experience. 

The biggest highlight of this hostel is its spacious rooftop terrace, offering a stunning 360° view of the town and the sea, where you can relax, mingle with fellow travellers, and even enjoy a barbecue.

Located in the heart of Lagos, Sol A Sol is just a short distance from beautiful beaches and the most popular bars that attract contented travellers year after year. The hostel features a lounge with a large TV and comfy sofas, perfect for unwinding and socialising. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hostel, ensuring you stay connected during your stay.

The hostel’s extensive range of activities, including Benagil Caves tours, West Coast tours, surf tours, and more, provides plenty of opportunities for adventure and exploration. Additionally, the sense of community and laid-back, friendly atmosphere make it easy to connect with other travellers and make lasting memories.

Overall, Sol A Sol Hostel offers an excellent balance of exciting activities, a welcoming environment, and a prime location, making it an ideal choice for travellers seeking an unforgettable experience in Lagos.

Feedback From Hostelworld Reviews

Guests love Sol A Sol Hostel for its vibrant and social atmosphere that fosters connections and friendships among travellers. While the dorm rooms may not be extraordinary, the hostel is well-designed and conducive to meeting new people. The fantastic location and friendly staff contribute to an excellent experience. Guests appreciate the rooftop dinners, which provide a great opportunity to mingle and connect with fellow travellers. The rooftop terrace is a highlight, offering a dreamy setting to relax and socialise. The hostel’s family dinners are a standout feature, with delicious food prepared by Diego, creating a warm and inclusive environment for guests to connect. Overall, Sol A Sol Hostel receives high praise for its welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, engaging activities, and opportunities to meet fellow travellers.

Why We love this hostel! 

  • Extensive range of activities and tours
  • Spacious rooftop terrace with breathtaking 360° views of the town and the sea, perfect for relaxing, mingling, and enjoying barbecues
  • Central location near beaches and popular bars

Top City Hostel & Suites

🌴 Best Party Hostel with a Swimming Pool
⭐ Rating: 9.4 over more than 1,600 reviews
💲 Prices: from €30

Top City Hostel & Suites in Lagos embodies the spirit of a party paradise. Positioned perfectly within the Old City Wall, it combines the lively atmosphere of the town with its own vibrant social scene. As night falls, the rooftop pool and garden bar transform into a bustling social hub. 

Guests can dive into an array of themed events such as meal nights, limbo dancing, and more, all designed to foster new friendships and unforgettable memories. The hostel’s design not only prioritises comfort and harmony but also ensures that the party never stops, making every evening an opportunity to celebrate.

Moreover, the hostel’s location offers more than just comfortable lodging; it places you at the nexus of Lagos’s famed nightlife. Just steps away from historical landmarks and the pulsating heart of the city’s entertainment district, guests can effortlessly join local festivities. Top City Hostel & Suites goes beyond typical hostel expectations by incorporating top-notch security features and amenities, including fingertip room access and 24-hour service, ensuring a safe and worry-free party experience. Whether you’re basking in the sun by the pool or dancing the night away at the bar, this hostel promises a dynamic and engaging social atmosphere.

Feedback From Hostelworld Reviews

Guests rave about Top City Hostel & Suites for its vibrant social scene and excellent facilities, making it a top choice for those looking to enjoy a party atmosphere while travelling. The hostel’s location in the heart of the city, near popular clubs and pubs, makes it an ideal base for nightlife explorers. Reviewers frequently mention the fun and well-organised hostel activities like beach walking tours and bar crawls, which provide ample opportunities to meet other travellers. The staff receive high praise for their friendliness and their commitment to ensuring guests have a memorable stay. The clean facilities and beautiful rooftop are just the icing on the cake, enhancing the overall party vibe of the hostel.

Why We love this hostel! 

  • Rooftop pool perfect for parties and relaxation
  • Regular themed nights and social events
  • Strategic location within walking distance of nightlife and cultural sites
  • Fully equipped bar and communal areas to encourage interaction and fun


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