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Panama City

Nestled at the crossroads of modernity and history, Panama City pulses with vibrant energy, making it an ideal playground for party-seeking adventurers. With its blend of towering skyscrapers and charming historic neighbourhoods, the city sets the stage for an unforgettable party experience. The heart of Panama City’s nightlife beats within the historic Casco Viejo, where colonial architecture meets bohemian vibes, creating an atmosphere that comes alive as the sun sets. From hidden spots to bustling nightclubs, Panama City’s nightlife caters to every party-goer’s tastes, ensuring endless nights of celebration.

How can I find a party hostel in Panama City?

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate party hostel in Panama City, look no further than our curated reviews. We’ve hand-picked the crème de la crème of top-rated hostels, offering comprehensive summaries of their amenities to help you find your perfect match. If you’re still seeking more options, turn to online search engines, renowned for their engaging atmosphere and captivating events. For an added layer of assurance, don’t overlook the power of past travellers’ reviews. These insights provide a wealth of information about the social scene, highlighting exciting activities and special occasions that each hostel hosts. Your party adventure in Panama City starts with making an informed choice!

What are the best party hostels in Panama City?

When it comes to the best party hostels in Panama City, there are three shining stars that stand out. At the forefront is Selina Casco Viejo Panama City, a vibrant haven where travel and partying seamlessly converge. With its rooftop bar, daily classes, and perfect balance of exploration and celebration, it is the epitome of a Panama party adventure. Not far behind, Hostal Casa Areka entices with its tropical oasis, highlighted by a mesmerising pool area surrounded by palm trees, creating the perfect backdrop for poolside BBQ gatherings. Meanwhile, El Machico Hostel transforms into a party paradise after sunset, with its energetic pool bar and nighttime cinema, providing an unforgettable Panama party experience.

What are party hostels like in Panama City?

Party hostels in Panama City are more than accommodations; they’re epicentres of energy and celebration. Imagine rooftop bars with breathtaking views, poolside gatherings that extend into the night, and an array of daily activities that keep the excitement flowing. These hostels cater to young travellers seeking vibrant atmospheres, connections with like-minded explorers, and the chance to immerse themselves in Panama’s dynamic culture. With friendly staff, abundant communal spaces, and easy access to the city’s party hotspots, party hostels in Panama City make every moment a celebration, ensuring that your stay is nothing short of a thrilling party adventure.

Best Party Hostels in Panama City

Selina Casco Viejo Panama City

🏆 Best Overall Party Hostel in Panama City
⭐ Rating: 8.3 over more than 700 reviews
💲 Prices: from €24

Selina Casco Viejo isn’t just a hostel; it’s a playground where party and play effortlessly come together. Imagine a vibrant rooftop terrace where travellers gather under the starlit sky, sharing stories and laughter as the night unfolds. The on-site bar is the heartbeat of the party scene, where delicious drinks flow and connections flourish, making it impossible not to dance to the rhythm of the city.

But that’s not all – Selina takes fun to the next level. Daily classes and activities immerse you in the heart and soul of Panama City. Whether it’s salsa dancing, yoga, or cultural workshops, you’re guaranteed to tap into the city’s energy and culture in exciting ways. And when the sun sets, the historic Casco Viejo transforms into a bohemian wonderland, where hip eateries and vibrant nightlife create an electric atmosphere.

Selina Casco Viejo goes beyond accommodations; it’s a lifestyle that blurs the lines between adventure and celebration. Experience the UNESCO World Heritage town’s charm, explore modern skyscrapers, or venture into the jungle – then return to the vibrant Selina community, where every moment is an opportunity to create lifelong memories.

Feedback From Hostelworld Reviews

Selina Casco Viejo is a party haven that’s earned its reputation as the best among the Selina hostels in Panama. Guests love the vibrant energy that runs through every inch of this hostel. From the expansive rooftop bar with its spectacular views to the abundance of chill areas and well-equipped kitchens, Selina Casco Viejo has it all for an unforgettable party experience. The friendly staff adds a personal touch, always ready to assist with information and guidance. The free walking tour serves as a brilliant opportunity to connect with fellow travellers. While the historic charm of the building may invite a few critters, the overall atmosphere and vibrant party scene make it a top recommendation. For those who embrace the adventure, Selina Casco Viejo offers a thrilling party adventure that’s hard to beat.

Why We love this hostel!

  • Rooftop terrace for unwinding and mingling
  • On-site bar that keeps the party going
  • Vibrant hub uniting travel and partying
  • Daily classes and activities tap into the city’s energy

Hostal Casa Areka

🌴 Best Party Hostel with a Swimming Pool
⭐ Rating: 8.9 over more than 1,900 reviews
💲 Prices: from €11

Hostal Casa Areka in Panama City is your gateway to an unparalleled fusion of excitement, camaraderie, and endless fun. Situated at the heart of the city, this hostel is more than just a place to rest your head – it’s a vibrant hub designed to make your journey unforgettable.

A lively neighbourhood with a 24-hour supermarket and tempting restaurants just steps away. But that’s just the beginning. Hostal Casa Areka is your ticket to some of the most exhilarating bars and nightspots in the city. Rooftop bars with panoramic views, iconic Beachwalk venues, and chic local haunts are all at your doorstep.

However, the real gem lies within the hostel’s premises. An inviting pool area shaded by swaying palm trees is where the magic happens. Imagine sipping on your favourite drink, surrounded by fellow travellers, all drawn together by the promise of adventure. And when the sun sets, the BBQ area ignites – a place where friendships are forged over shared stories and grilled delicacies.

Inside, the festivities continue. A communal zone comes alive with the clatter of billiard balls and laughter. And when the party cravings hit, the fully equipped communal kitchen empowers you to whip up pre-game snacks before hitting the town.

The real secret ingredient of Hostal Casa Areka’s allure is its people. Owned by a charismatic Panamanian and his Swiss partner, the hostel exudes warmth and hospitality. Their mission? To make you feel not like a guest, but like an old friend. With their personal touch, every night becomes a memory, every acquaintance a lifelong friend.

Feedback From Hostelworld Reviews

Looking for a party haven that’s clean, affordable, and radiates fun? Hostal Casa Areka hits all the right notes! Guests can’t stop raving about the lively atmosphere that’s perfect for social butterflies. The pool area, surrounded by palm trees, sets the scene for unforgettable hangouts and connections. Free morning pancakes and coffee fuel the early party starters, while the helpful and friendly staff keep the energy high. The common area is a hub for making friends, and even the resident cats add a touch of charm. With AC-equipped rooms for cooling off after the festivities, this hostel’s got the party pulse you’re looking for. Just steps away from a supermarket and vibrant nightlife, Hostal Casa Areka is the go-to spot for an epic Panama party adventure!

Why We love this hostel!

  • Prime location for bar-hopping and nightlife
  • Captivating pool area with palm trees and BBQ space
  • Communal area alive with billiards and camaraderie
  • Fully equipped communal kitchen for pre-party feasting
  • Unmatched atmosphere crafted by passionate hosts

El Machico Hostel

🤝 Party Hostel with Best Common Areas
⭐ Rating: 8.6 over more than 2,000 reviews
💲 Prices: from €12

Step into the heart of Panama City’s Marbella neighbourhood and dive into the ultimate party experience at El Machico Hostel. This vibrant oasis offers an exclusive blend of excitement, relaxation, and connections. Nestled in one of the city’s most sought-after zones, the hostel is surrounded by a myriad of facilities – from restaurants to shopping centres – ensuring that your party journey is both convenient and thrilling.

What sets El Machico apart is its electrifying atmosphere, and the massive swimming pool takes centre stage. By day, soak up the sun and prepare for the night’s festivities; by night, enjoy open-air cinema magic right by the poolside. Keep the party spirit alive with a lively game of pool, or gather at the small bar for drinks and camaraderie. Start your days with a free breakfast spread that includes pancakes, chocolate syrup, coffee, and fresh fruit – the perfect fuel for the adventures that await.

El Machico Hostel is more than just a place to stay; it’s a gateway to the best Panama has to offer. Whether you’re diving into the pool, connecting with fellow travellers, or exploring the city’s attractions, this hostel turns each moment into a party-worthy memory.

Feedback From Hostelworld Reviews

El Machico Hostel is the epicentre of Panama City’s party scene, and guests are raving about the electrifying atmosphere that makes every moment a celebration. From the moment you step in, the vibrant pool area sets the stage for unforgettable gatherings. The modern and clean common spaces, complete with a flat screen and a PS4, create the ultimate playground for mingling and connecting. The generous free breakfast of pancakes and coffee fuels your party spirit, while the well-equipped kitchen and pool table add a touch of excitement. With a prime location in the city centre and an environment that encourages camaraderie, El Machico Hostel has mastered the art of turning travel into an exhilarating party experience.

Why We love this hostel!

  • Expansive swimming pool for daytime relaxation and nighttime cinema
  • Lively poolside bar for drinks and connections
  • Convenient Marbella neighbourhood location with abundant facilities
  • Free breakfast with pancakes and more

Mamallena Backpackers

💰 Cheapest Party Hostel in Panama City
⭐ Rating: 7.9 over more than 1,400 reviews
💲 Prices: from €9

Mamallena Backpackers is a party paradise where the good times roll and the energy never stops! As one of Panama City’s original backpacker havens, Mamallena has been perfecting the art of combining a vibrant atmosphere with pocket-friendly prices for over 15 years. This hostel is more than a place to rest your head – it’s a non-stop celebration of friendships, connections, and unforgettable moments.

From free secure luggage storage to 24-hour coffee and tea to keep the party going, Mamallena knows how to keep you fuelled and ready to explore. With a 24-hour guest kitchen, lounges for limn nights, a ping pong table, and the ultimate swimming pool and pool bar combo, the party vibes are unstoppable. Whether you’re cooling off with a refreshing cocktail or participating in the lively poolside games, the bar is the heart of the hostel’s lively spirit. Mix and mingle with like-minded adventurers from around the globe, all while enjoying the tropical vibes that Panama City has to offer. As the night unfolds, the pool bar becomes the backdrop for unforgettable moments, making Mamallena Backpackers not just a place to stay, but a destination for endless celebrations.

Get ready to experience Panama like a true local with nearby budget-friendly restaurants and a chance to immerse yourself in authentic Panamanian culture. At Mamallena Backpackers, the party never stops, and every moment is an opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime.

Feedback From Hostelworld Reviews

Mamallena Backpackers is a party paradise where unforgettable memories and vibrant connections come to life. Guests rave about the hostel’s excellence in every aspect, from the super clean rooms to the fabulous staff who go above and beyond to create a fantastic experience. Beyond the rooms and top-notch cleanliness, the hostel’s kitchen is a highlight, perfect for whipping up pre-party treats. The warm and welcoming atmosphere turns fellow travellers into a global family, making you feel welcome amidst new friends. Friendly resident dogs and a cat add to the inviting ambiance, while the easygoing and relaxed vibe captures the essence of what makes Mamallena a true party haven. While the pool area might be less social than other hostels, the overall experience is a vibrant celebration that receives a unanimous seal of approval.

Why We love this hostel!

  • 24-hour coffee, tea, and guest kitchen
  • Lounge areas, ping pong, and film nights
  • Pool and pool bar for ultimate celebrations
  • On-site travel agency for epic adventures
  • Local restaurant scene for authentic experiences


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