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Mallorca is a beautiful island located in the Mediterranean Sea, known for its stunning beaches, clear blue waters and vibrant nightlife. The island attracts millions of tourists every year and it’s a popular destination for young travellers looking for fun and excitement. Mallorca has something to offer for everyone, from charming villages and historic sites to wild parties and entertainment. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, explore the island’s culture or party all night long, Mallorca has it all.

How can I find a party hostel in Mallorca?

If you’re planning a trip to Mallorca and want to stay in a party hostel, there are a few ways to find the perfect one. One way is to check out our reviews, where we’ve curated a list of the best party hostels in the area. We’ve included information on each hostel’s amenities, location and social atmosphere, so you can easily compare and make an informed decision. Another option is to use online search engines to find hostels that are well-known for their party atmosphere. You can filter your search by location, price and amenities to find a hostel that meets your specific needs. Once you’ve found a few options, make sure to read reviews from past guests to get a sense of what the social scene is like at each hostel.

Whether you rely on our reviews or do your own research, it’s important to choose a hostel that fits your personality and travel style. With so many options in Mallorca, you’re sure to find a party hostel that will provide you with an unforgettable experience!

What are the best party hostels in Mallorca?

Mallorca has become a well-known party destination, and there are some fantastic party hostels to choose from. Our top picks are Hostel Soller, Sa Fita Backpackers and Atlanta. These hostels offer various amenities such as bars, outdoor spaces, game rooms and swimming pools. All three hostels are situated close to the beach and offer easy access to the vibrant nightlife scene in Mallorca. They offer a friendly and social atmosphere, making them the ideal choice for solo travellers or groups of friends looking for an unforgettable party experience in Mallorca.

What are party hostels like in Mallorca?

Party hostels in Mallorca are known for their lively atmosphere, fun activities and vibrant nightlife. They attract a young and adventurous crowd who want to experience the island’s party scene and make new friends from around the world. Many party hostels in Mallorca offer a range of activities, such as beach parties, bar crawls and organised tours, to help backpackers get the most out of their stay. Hostels often have communal areas, such as kitchens, game rooms and bars, where guests can socialise and have fun. Dormitory-style accommodation is common in party hostels, but private rooms are also available for those who prefer more privacy. Overall, party hostels in Mallorca are a great choice for young travellers who want to have fun, make friends and experience the island’s vibrant nightlife.

Best Party Hostels in Mallorca

Hostel Soller

🏆 Best Overall Party Hostel in Mallorca
⭐ Rating: 9.3 over more than 200 reviews
💲 Prices: from €28.98

Hostel Soller is a fantastic party hostel located in the heart of Soller, Mallorca. This hostel offers an extensive range of outdoor activities, such as canoeing, hiking, bicycle riding, diving and snorkelling, making it the perfect destination for adventurous young travellers. The hostel is housed in a stunning modernist building that has been transformed into a magical place that is accessible, comfortable and affordable.

One of the highlights of this hostel is the amazing atmosphere and great social vibe that welcomes everyone. Whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple or with a group of friends, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience and make lasting connections with like-minded people from all over the world.

Hostel Soller – Ca Ses Madrines offers a variety of room types, from private rooms to shared dormitories. Guests can also make use of the fully equipped communal kitchen and a fireplace for relaxation.

In addition to being a great party hostel, Hostel Soller – Ca Ses Madrines is also a youth hostel that provides educational and recreational activities for children and young people under the age of 30. The hostel operates under the Youth Hostel register and adheres to all related terms and conditions.

Why We love this hostel! 

  • Extensive range of outdoor activities such as canoeing, hiking, bicycle riding, diving and snorkelling
  • Amazing atmosphere and great social vibe that welcomes everyone
  • Fully equipped communal kitchen and a fireplace for relaxation

Sa Fita Backpackers

🤝 Party Hostel with Best Common Areas
⭐ Rating: 8.6 over more than 300 reviews
💲 Prices: from €29.00

Sa Fita Backpackers is a perfect place for nature lovers and those looking for a social hostel. Located in a rural and authentic Majorcan village, the 100-year-old house offers a unique and tranquil experience away from busy life and mainstream tourism. The hostel is surrounded by the beautiful Serra de Tramuntana mountains, which offer plenty of opportunities for hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities.

The hostel’s huge terrace with a pool and BBQ facilities is perfect for socialising with other backpackers, while the cool game room provide additional space for making new friendships. All areas of the house are common areas, including the kitchen, TV room, reading area, big garden with small plunge pool and orchard. The hostel also provides free Wi-Fi, making it easy for guests to stay connected with the world outside.

The staff is always available to provide information about the best activities and places to visit in Mallorca. With hiking, cycling, kayaking and much more on offer, Sa Fita Backpackers is the perfect base for those looking to explore the natural beauty of the island.

Why We love this hostel! 

  • Huge terrace with a pool and BBQ facilities, surrounded by the beautiful Serra de Tramuntana mountains
  • Cool game room
  • Perfect for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts

We Hostel Palma – Youth Hostel

💃 Best Party Hostel close to Nightclubs
⭐ Rating: 9.1 over more than 2,300 reviews
💲 Prices: from €35.00

We Hostel Palma – Youth Hostel offers a thrilling escape for those looking to dive into the vibrant party scene of Palma, Mallorca. Situated in the dynamic neighbourhood of El Terreno, this modern hostel is just steps away from some of the best nightlife the island has to offer. With the Paseo Marítimo seafront nearby, guests can easily transition from a sun-soaked day to an exhilarating night out. The hostel’s strategic location is not only perfect for exploring local bars and discos but also provides excellent connectivity to various city attractions and transport links, making it an ideal base for party enthusiasts.

The hostel itself is designed to enhance the social experience, boasting a chic and contemporary atmosphere that mirrors the lively spirit of Mallorca. Guests can start their evening at the hostel’s own large bar and cafeteria, mingling with fellow travellers.

The rooftop terrace offers a fantastic venue for evening gatherings, providing stunning views and a backdrop for unforgettable nights. With its friendly environment and a host of communal facilities, We Hostel Palma ensures every traveller enjoys a mix of comfort and fun, making it a top choice for those seeking a party-centric stay in Mallorca.

Why We love this hostel! 

  • Located near major nightlife spots in the historic El Terreno neighbourhood
  • Modern amenities including a bar/cafeteria, rooftop terrace, and common kitchen
  • Hostel organises and is close to numerous social and nightlife activities

Hostal Atlanta

📍 Best Located Party Hostel in Mallorca
⭐ Rating: 9.1 over more than 2,300 reviews
💲 Prices: from €37.00

If you’re looking for a wild and fun party hostel in Mallorca, then Hostal Atlanta is the place to be! Located near the famous Palma Beach, this hostel offers an unforgettable party atmosphere. The hostel is only a few minutes walk from the Areanal’s party area, which is full of bars and nightclubs. So, whether you want to explore the party scene of Mallorca with other travellers or spend your evenings in the hostel’s bar playing funny drinking games, there is something for everyone here.

The Hostal Atlanta has recently been refurbished to offer high standards of cleanliness and fabulous value for money. The friendly team here makes sure that your stay is perfect in every way.

The hostel also offers a fully equipped kitchen and a terrace where guests can relax and socialise. Hostal Atlanta also provides a variety of nearby attractions and excursions. Visitors can easily arrange trips with the Atlanta team or the tourist office, which is conveniently located in front of the hostel.

In summary, Hostal Atlanta is a crazy and fun party hostel, which offers guests the chance to experience the best of Mallorca’s nightlife. This hostel is ideal for young travellers who want to have a good time and meet new people.

Why We love this hostel! 

  • Great location near Palma Beach and the party area of Areanal
  • Refurbished hostel with high standards of cleanliness and great value for money
  • Easy access to nearby attractions and excursions through the Atlanta team or the tourist office


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