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Vietnam, known for its rich culture and stunning landscapes, has emerged as a hotspot for party-loving travellers. The country’s hostels, spread from the dynamic streets of Hanoi to the charming alleys of Hoi An, offer unique experiences of fun and festivity. Ideal for solo adventurers and groups alike, these hostels are more than just a place to sleep; they are vibrant hubs of nightlife and camaraderie. With lively bars, engaging social events, and a friendly atmosphere, they promise unforgettable experiences. As we explore the best party hostels in Vietnam, get ready to delve into places where thrilling nights and cultural discovery come together in perfect harmony.

TOP 7 party hostels in Vietnam

1. Hanoi Central Backpackers Hostel (Hanoi)

Hanoi Central Backpackers Hostel, a highlight of the Central Backpackers Hostel chain in Vietnam, is a haven for party enthusiasts. This hostel excels at creating a memorable party environment while ensuring comfort and affordability. Guests enjoy nightly vibrant parties, making it a hub for meeting fellow travellers. The lively happy hour sessions foster a social atmosphere where tales and travel experiences are shared over drinks.

The hostel’s dedicated staff set it apart, offering personalised assistance with itineraries and tour bookings. Popular tours like the Halong Hideaway Tour and Sapa Trek Homestay showcase Vietnam’s natural and cultural beauty. Along with these experiences, guests enjoy free perks like breakfast, evening happy hour drinks, walking tours of the Old Quarter, and a nightly pub crawl, all enhancing the quintessential Hanoi nightlife experience.

2. Mad Monkey (Hoi An)

Mad Monkey Hoi An, nestled in Vietnam’s enchanting ‘City of Lanterns’, strikes a perfect balance between the historical UNESCO old town and Vietnam’s stunning beaches. This vibrant party hostel is known for its lively atmosphere and exceptional amenities, offering guests an unforgettable experience in one of Vietnam’s most captivating destinations.

At the heart of Mad Monkey Hoi An’s social scene is its large alfresco bar and restaurant, a hub of nightly activities and a perfect spot for guests to mingle. The vibrant atmosphere, amplified by the hostel’s friendly staff, makes it a prime location for connecting with fellow travellers and experiencing the local culture. Additionally, the hostel features a stunning swimming pool and spacious common areas, including a deck with serene views of rice paddies, ideal for relaxation and socialising. These amenities, combined with a variety of organised tours, ensure a rich and engaging experience in Hoi An.

3. Rom Casa Hostel (Da Nang)

Rom Casa Hostel Da Nang offers a unique blend of intimate rooms and vibrant social settings, creating an electrifying atmosphere from the moment you arrive. The focus here is on personal connections, with staff dedicated to introducing guests to the rich Vietnamese culture and history. This approach fosters a community spirit and memorable experiences for every traveller.

The hostel’s on-site bar and nightclub are the epicentres of excitement. The bar is a melting pot where travellers share stories and enjoy expertly crafted cocktails, setting the stage for a night of celebration. As the evening progresses, the energy shifts to the nightclub, with its infectious beats and lively dance floor. The diverse music and welcoming crowd ensure a fun and inclusive environment. Whether you’re dancing the night away, lounging by the swimming pool, or making new friends, Rom Casa Hostel Da Nang delivers an unforgettable party experience, where high spirits and unforgettable moments are the norms.

4. The Hideout (Ho Chi Minh)

The Hideout

The Hideout in Ho Chi Minh City is a favourite among party enthusiasts for its lively atmosphere, featuring a café and a rooftop bar. Guests enjoy daily perks like two complimentary beers at the rooftop bar and a free breakfast. The hostel buzzes with activities such as pub quizzes, killer pool, and neon parties, making it a social hotspot.

Awarded by Hostelworld as the most popular hostel in Ho Chi Minh City in 2016 and 2017, The Hideout Hostel Saigon offers clean, affordable accommodations with essential amenities like air conditioning, lockers, and free Wi-Fi. The friendly staff provide valuable local insights, enhancing the guest experience. Additional conveniences include hot showers, luggage storage, and available laundry services, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay.

5. Hoalu Backpacker Homestay (Ninh Binh)

Hoalu Backpacker Homestay, located in the picturesque Ninh Binh region of Vietnam, is an ideal destination for travellers looking to combine fun and adventure. This hostel is particularly appealing to those wanting to make new friends and enjoy local attractions. It offers a variety of group activities, including fishing, hiking, bamboo rafting, and cooking classes, making it perfect for guests seeking adventurous experiences during their stay.

The social heartbeat of Hoalu Backpacker Homestay is its vibrant swimming pool area, where daily parties bring together guests for fun and affordable dining and drinking. The sun terrace and on-site bar further enhance the hostel’s lively atmosphere, offering ideal spots for backpackers to connect and share experiences. Beyond the social scene, the hostel is nestled in an area perfect for engaging activities like water sports, cycling, and fishing. This makes Hoalu Backpacker Homestay an excellent choice for travellers seeking a blend of adventure, fun, and relaxation in a lively hostel environment.

6. Mad Monkey (Hanoi)

Mad Monkey Hanoi stands as the premier choice for party-loving travellers eager to explore the dynamic culture of Vietnam’s capital. Perfectly situated in the charming Old Quarter, it serves as an ideal base for delving into Hanoi’s rich history, exquisite cuisine, vibrant art, and lively music. This location allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the unique experiences that Hanoi offers.

The hostel’s lively spirit is especially suited for those looking for a vibrant social scene. Its on-site bar is the heart of the hostel’s nightlife, offering a perfect setting for guests to meet and create unforgettable moments. Mad Monkey Hanoi further enhances the experience with nightly events designed to keep the excitement alive. Additionally, the hostel offers a variety of daily tours, catering to diverse interests, from cultural sights and outdoor excursions to exploring the city’s famous street food. Mad Monkey Hanoi promises not just a stay, but a journey into the heart of Hanoi’s spirited lifestyle.

7. Bed Station Hostel & Pool Bar (Hoi An)

Bed Station Hostel & Pool Bar Hoi An, previously known as Sunflower Hostel, stands out as a prime party destination for young travellers. Renowned for its lively atmosphere, this vibrant hostel has become a global hotspot for party enthusiasts. At the heart of its social scene is the large pool bar, where guests can unwind with refreshing drinks and bask in the energetic ambiance. The hostel also features spacious common areas and an on-site restaurant, providing perfect spaces for socialising and enjoying a mix of Western and Vietnamese cuisine during the party-filled stay.

The hostel is buzzing with a variety of lively events, orchestrated by the amiable staff. Activities range from exhilarating pool parties to engaging quiz nights, spirited beer pong competitions, and fun-themed dress-up events, ensuring a continuously lively atmosphere. Guests are further indulged with daily free mix drinks, adding to the festive experience. With its focus on creating an unforgettable party environment, Bed Station Hostel & Pool Bar Hoi An guarantees a stay filled with fun, excitement, and lasting memories.

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