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Quito, Ecuador’s vibrant capital, is a city where history meets modernity, and its party scene is no exception. Nestled high in the Andes mountains, this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers travellers a unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary excitement. Quito’s cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, and lively plazas create an enchanting backdrop for unforgettable nights of partying. Whether you’re exploring the historic Old Town or dancing the night away in La Mariscal, Quito has something for every party enthusiast. From traditional Ecuadorian music to international beats, the city’s nightlife is as diverse as its culture, promising endless fun for those seeking vibrant experiences.

How can I find a party hostel in Quito?

If you’re eager to discover the perfect party hostel in Quito, we’ve got you covered. Our reviews showcase the cream of the crop, carefully selected from the top-rated hostels, and provide detailed summaries of their amenities, ensuring you find the one that perfectly suits your preferences. But if you’re still hungry for more options, you can turn to popular online search engines that feature hostels renowned for their lively atmospheres and exciting events. And here’s a pro tip: be sure to delve into the reviews left by previous travellers, as they offer invaluable insights into the social scene, as well as any upcoming activities or special occasions happening at each hostel. With these resources at your fingertips, you’re bound to uncover the ultimate party hostel experience in Quito!

What are the best party hostels in Quito?

The best party hostels in Quito offer unforgettable experiences for travellers seeking vibrant nightlife and social interactions. Topping the list is Community Hostel, a multi-award-winning establishment known for its lively atmosphere, rooftop bar, and a plethora of social activities that include salsa nights and bar crawls. It stands out as the ultimate party destination. Additionally, Viajero Quito Hostel is a fantastic choice, offering a rooftop terrace, on-site bar, and a blend of adventure and party vibes. For those seeking colonial charm and modern party scenes, The Secret Garden Quito combines the best of both worlds, with rooftop gatherings and language classes. These hostels promise to keep the party going in the heart of Quito’s vibrant nightlife.

What are party hostels like in Quito?

Party hostels in Quito are not your typical accommodation options. They are dynamic, social, and designed to cater to the needs of young and adventurous travellers. Expect vibrant common areas, lively rooftop bars, and a range of social activities to help you connect with fellow guests. These hostels are all about creating a sense of community and ensuring you have a fantastic time during your stay. Whether it’s salsa dancing, themed parties, or bar crawls, there’s always something happening. The friendly staff is there to make your experience unforgettable, and you’ll have the opportunity to make new friends from around the world. If you’re looking for a lively and vibrant atmosphere in Quito, these party hostels are the place to be.

Best Party Hostels in Quito

Community Hostel

🏆 Best Overall Party Hostel in Quito
⭐ Rating: 9.4 over more than 1,900 reviews
💲 Prices: from €8

Community Hostel, located in the heart of Quito’s Historic Centre, is not just a place to rest your head—it’s a non-stop party destination! With five consecutive years of being named the Best Hostel in Ecuador, this vibrant spot is designed for young, adventurous travellers looking to have a blast.

At Community Hostel, the party never ends. They offer an array of daily activities, from Bingo nights and Salsa dance lessons to Karaoke and Quiz nights. Sing your heart out, move your hips, and challenge your knowledge, all while mingling with fellow backpackers and the energetic staff.

The highlight of the week has to be the legendary Bar Crawl Quito—an absolute must for party enthusiasts. This extravaganza includes drinking games, a party bus, an hour of unlimited drinks, club entrances, fishbowls, and free shots. It’s the ultimate way to experience Quito’s nightlife. Plus, you can savour delectable homemade meals prepared by in-house chefs, with ever-changing menus that cater to all tastes. Whether you’re a solo traveller or part of a group, Community Hostel promises an unforgettable party experience in a secure and friendly environment.

Feedback From Hostelworld Reviews

Guests at Community Hostel rave about the welcoming atmosphere that feels like a big family. The rooms, while basic, provide a comfy place to rest after lively nights of rooftop fun. The hostel’s varied activities, including language exchanges and games with local residents, add a unique and social touch to the experience. The rooftop bar offers a fantastic view and sets the stage for unforgettable evenings, including quiz nights and social dinners. With excellent staff, engaging activities, and a vibrant vibe, guests keep coming back to Community Hostel for an unbeatable party experience.

Why We love this hostel!

  • Daily activities including Bingo, Salsa night, Karaoke, and Quiz night
  • Legendary Bar Crawl Quito with a party bus and open bar
  • Rooftop bar with stunning city views
  • Prime location in the heart of Quito’s Historic Centre
  • Free walking tours to explore the city’s attractions

Viajero Quito Hostel

🍸 Best Party Hostel with a Bar
⭐ Rating: 9.3 over more than 600 reviews
💲 Prices: from €6

Viajero Quito Hostel is your ticket to an epic party experience in the Andean Capital. This hostel’s fervour for Ecuador and travel is evident in its dedication to offering travellers unforgettable adventures and non-stop partying.

The party atmosphere here is electric, making it a top choice for travellers seeking vibrant nightlife. Whether you want to soak up the sun while gazing at the surrounding volcanoes or dive into daily cultural activities, Viajero Quito sets the stage for unforgettable parties. From salsa lessons to empanada making, there’s something for every party lover.

But it doesn’t stop there; Viajero Quito takes partying seriously. The hostel features a vibrant roof terrace bar with stunning views, where you can sip on cocktails and dance the night away. It’s the perfect place to meet fellow travellers, enjoy live music, and create lifelong memories.

Viajero Quito Hostel is purpose-built for travellers, with a cinema, a pool table for competitive spirits, a BBQ area for foodies, and free Wi-Fi to keep you connected. However, it’s the atmosphere that truly shines here, fuelling your inner party animal.

Feedback From Hostelworld Reviews

Guests at Viajero Quito Hostel absolutely rave about the social atmosphere and the party-centric elements that make their stay unforgettable. The friendly staff are highlighted for their helpfulness and contribution to the fantastic experience. The hostel’s beautiful outdoor area provides the perfect backdrop for socialising, and the numerous social events ensure that making new friends is effortless. Guests appreciate the free nightly activities, which include yoga, dance classes, and tastings. The large portions of affordable meals keep everyone fuelled for the party, and the comfortable beds with privacy curtains offer a nice retreat when needed. Overall, Viajero Quito Hostel impresses with its vibrant social scene, a plethora of activities, and a fantastic courtyard, making it a top choice for party-loving travellers.

Why We love this hostel!

  • Daily cultural activities like salsa lessons and empanada making
  • A vibrant roof terrace bar with stunning views
  • Live music, cocktails, and endless dancing
  • An atmosphere that ignites the party spirit

Selina Quito

🤝 Best Party Hostel with Social Activities
⭐ Rating: 8.9 over more than 100 reviews
💲 Prices: from €10

Selina Quito is not just a hostel; it’s a hub of vibrant connections and thrilling experiences for nomads, travellers, and explorers. Nestled high in the Andes, this hostel perfectly blends colonial charm and modern excitement in Ecuador’s capital city.

Start your day with rooftop yoga sessions overlooking the stunning cityscape. Then, head down for a healthy breakfast at the coffee shop. Selina Quito puts you in the heart of the action with Plaza Foch’s impressive buildings, lively markets, and captivating museums just moments away.

For party enthusiasts, there’s an on-site bar to kickstart your evenings. And if you crave nature, join volcano hiking tours to Pichincha and Cotopaxi led by expert guides who know the best spots for freshwater lakes and condor-spotting.

Selina Quito strikes the ideal work-play balance, with a coworking area for productivity and a basement lounge for mingling. Here, you can enjoy comedy nights, piano concerts, and electronic DJ sets. Plus, there’s even a secret door leading to their very own barber shop!

Feedback From Hostelworld Reviews

Guests at Selina Quito love the vibrant and social atmosphere that this hostel offers. They appreciate the spacious layout and free areas to relax, making it easy to connect with fellow travellers. The on-site bar and entertainment in the evenings add a lively vibe, ensuring guests can have a great time without leaving the hostel. The friendly staff and cleanliness of the place are also highlighted. While some mention higher prices for certain amenities like towels, the overall experience of making friends and enjoying delicious food and drinks at the hostel’s cafe and bar makes Selina Quito a top choice for travellers seeking a vibrant party atmosphere. The effort from the staff to organise events, even during low seasons, adds to the fun and social environment.

Why We love this hostel!

  • On-site bar for vibrant evenings
  • Volcano hiking tours for adventure seekers
  • Rooftop yoga sessions with city views
  • Basement lounge with comedy nights and live music
  • Ideal location to explore the vibrant Ecuadorian culture and heritage

The Secret Garden Quito

📕 Most Booked Party Hostel in Quito
⭐ Rating: 9.3 over more than 4,200 reviews
💲 Prices: from €6

The Secret Garden Quito, awarded as the Best Hostel in Ecuador, is a dynamic Australian/Ecuadorian-run hostel situated in the heart of central colonial Quito. This hostel is your ultimate party destination, and they’ve got the bar to prove it!

While it’s tucked away on a quiet cobblestone street, don’t let that fool you. This hostel is a hub of social activity, and their lively bar is where the party truly comes alive. The rooftop terrace with spectacular city views sets the stage for unforgettable gatherings with fellow travellers. Whether you’re bonding over great food, delicious drinks, or simply relaxing with a book and high-speed Wi-Fi, the atmosphere is always buzzing.

What makes The Secret Garden Quito even more special is its party bus that conveniently whisks you to La Mariscal, the party district, ensuring your nights are filled with excitement. The hostel provides the perfect launchpad for exploring the vibrant nightlife of Quito.

The Secret Garden Quito provides more than just a party atmosphere. They offer language classes to enhance your South American adventure, all at affordable prices. Plus, they have a sister hostel, The Secret Garden Cotopaxi, located high in the Ecuadorian Andes, perfect for acclimatising before climbing volcanoes or just enjoying the stunning surroundings.

Feedback From Hostelworld Reviews

Guests absolutely love The Secret Garden Quito for its vibrant social atmosphere and friendly staff. They appreciate the fantastic bar and food options that keep the party going strong. The rooftop bar, with breathtaking views, stands out as a social hotspot where travellers easily connect. Whether you’re solo or in a group, this hostel is hailed as a welcoming place to meet fellow adventurers. Plus, the convenience of an on-site tour agency and the option for a good night’s sleep thanks to the rooftop bar closing relatively early make it a must-visit party destination in Quito. Whether you’re seeking new friends or simply want to have a great time, this hostel offers an unforgettable party experience.

Why We love this hostel!

  • Rooftop terrace with breathtaking city views, ideal for lively gatherings
  • Vibrant bar scene with delicious food and drinks
  • A dynamic atmosphere perfect for socialising and dancing
  • Convenient location in the Historic Old Town with easy access to La Mariscal via the party bus


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